Edouard Manet once said, “Faire vrai; laisser dire”, which translates into, “Do what’s true; let them talk.” This is my personal mantra when it comes to my titillating artwork. The range of these art pieces is to show the depths of my persona…and my bedroom. How I make it my own is that I embed my experiences and thoughts into them. I want my sexual empowerment to connect through my art.

Art is a lot like sex. It is an intimate and passionate moment between the artist and the object. Sometimes you go at it alone, and sometimes you will join with others, whatever tickles your fancy. In this society, sex is seen either as a taboo or a marketing ploy and I want to showcase that it can actually be a relatable and beautiful thing through my artwork. Even though all of our intimate experiences are unique, we empathize with them one way or another.

Western media has a profound effect on people, particularly women, and the way that they perceive themselves, their bodies, and sex. I want to engage with my viewers that they should not be shy with sex, art, and most importantly - themselves. My art pieces are erotic but leave room for wonder. They can be seen as being mentally interactive in the sense that the viewer will be the one creating the salacious thoughts and fantasies, just like foreplay. Plus, I don’t mind getting down and dirty…for my art.

What makes all the sweat and late nights worth it is people’s reaction to seeing my work. I have been an actress for many years and a big perk was witnessing the audience’s reaction during and after a performance. As an actress, I was able to comfortably release my expressive nature while portraying a different person. Due to all of my training and experience, it helped me understand that I can do to the same thing in art, but as myself. I have made myself vulnerable by creating these works of art for an array of people, in which I believe acting has helped prepare me for. Reactions have ranged from negative to positive, but it all comes back to Manet’s quote. If it gets people talking, good or bad, I am satisfied.